Top 3 most popular types of fire doors today

Currently, on the market fire doors are often classified based on the time of fire resistance. There are many types of doors with different fire resistance times such as 45 minutes, 60 minutes, 70 minutes, 90 minutes, 120 minutes, 150 minutes, and 180 minutes.

Among the above-mentioned types of doors, 60-, 90-, and 120-minute fire doors are the most popular. Learn more about 3 types of fire doors with NOVODOOR in this article!

60 minutes fireproof door

This is the most commonly used door type today, applied in residential buildings, high-rise apartment buildings, etc. Accordingly, this door type is made up of 2 galvanized steel sheets 0.8mm thick, giving the ability to fire resistance up to 60 minutes.

Note: After 60 minutes, the fire door will be deformed, lose its insulation ability, can not prevent the fire from spreading to other areas. This type of door is often installed in civil houses to make main doors, bedroom doors, basement doors, attic doors, etc.

90 minutes fireproof door

Just like the 60-minute fire-resistant door, this type of door is made up of 2 1mm thick electro-galvanized steel plates, which can withstand heat for 90 minutes.

Currently, 90-minute fire doors are installed in large projects such as administrative offices, residential areas, places with crowded corridors such as hospitals, restaurants, supermarkets, etc.

Fireproof door 120 minutes

The 120-minute fire door is composed of 2 1mm thick electroplated steel plates. In addition, it is designed with glass wool (Rockwool) at the core to increase fire resistance and insulation instead of using honeycomb paper like the two types of doors above.

This type of door is often installed in apartment buildings, commercial centers, office buildings, or places where people gather.

Standard fire doors help ensure the safety of property and people’s lives. Therefore, in buildings, from civil houses to high-rise buildings, this type of door should be installed.

60-minute, 90-minute, 120-minute fireproof wooden doors according to TCVN 9383:2012 are currently provided by NOVODOOR, you can directly contact the company for advice on product purchase as well as on-site installation support fast.

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