What is fire protection? The role of fire doors in fire protection

Fire Prevention – What is fire protection? In fire protection, what role do fire doors play? Find out right here in this article!

What is fire protection?

Fire prevention and fighting are measures and solutions implemented to prevent or minimize the risk of fire and explosion. In addition, helping to create favorable conditions for the rescue of people and property, fighting the fire, and preventing fire spread, thereby helping to reduce damage caused by fire and explosion.

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Fire prevention is the responsibility of all people, of all citizens. Anyone who cannot ensure fire safety at the place they are working or living must bear responsibility. This is clearly stated in the Law on Fire Prevention and Fighting promulgated by the National Assembly.

Work to be granted a certificate of acceptance of fire prevention and fighting needs to follow the sequence of works:

  • Design drawings for fire prevention and fighting;
  • Carrying out procedures for approval of design on fire prevention and fighting;
  • Construction and installation of fire protection equipment according to the approved design (Including fire alarm system, fire fighting system, lightning protection system, smoke extraction booster system, architectural exit stairs, special items (gas storage, transformers, generators) …)
  • Prepare fire protection acceptance documents for the project.
  • For the above tasks, it is necessary to have fire protection expertise to perform. Therefore, if you are an investor, the simplest thing is to hire a qualified service unit to do all of the above work for you until the certification of fire protection is issued by the authorities.

The role of fire doors in fire protection

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Fire-resistant doors are specially designed doors with good fire resistance and heat resistance to help prevent fire and smoke from spreading to other areas. Therefore, fire doors have an important role in supporting fire prevention and fighting.

The main function of fireproof doors is to be used to prevent fire and prevent fire spread. Strictly speaking, it has the effect of preventing the spread of fire in works and buildings. That means it will contribute to minimizing damage in the event of a fire. Fire doors are used where an isolated area is required to prevent fire from spreading around, such as:

  • High-rise apartment buildings, hotels, shopping centers, offices, theaters, hospitals, schools, factories, and other industrial buildings…
  • Places needing escape such as stairs, lobby
  • Inflammable places due to the use of electricity, fire, gas, etc. such as power stations, transformer stations, generator rooms, machinery, and equipment storage rooms.

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