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NovoDoor door materials and accessories factory is the No. 1 unit in Vietnam, pioneering in importing 100% automatic door production lines from Japan, and Taiwan with outstanding production speed with 1000m2 door/day and night/each type, helping to reduce the price by 15 – 30% compared to other brands.

Quality, aesthetics, speed, and cost are the factors that help NovoDoor door products to be trusted and selected by large-scale contractors and investors, both foreign and domestic.

The outstanding difference of NovoDoor:

  • Difference 1: 100% of materials are imported directly from major brands, meeting European standards.
  • Difference 2: Pioneering investment in importing 100% of modern lines from Japan and Taiwan. NovoDoor is the only unit in Vietnam that owns a 100% automatic door production line.

NovoDoor 100% automatic door production line

  • Difference 3: The fastest production speed in Vietnam with 1000m2 doors/day and night/ each type.
  • Difference 4: Experts from Europe directly control quality and transfer technology.
  • Difference 5: NovoDoor has a large investment scale, diversified product categories that meet European, Japanese, and Taiwanese production quality standards.

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NOVODOOR aims to become a prestigious enterprise with a leading position, the number 1 unit in Vietnam in the field of manufacturing and trading fireproof doors, wood grain steel doors, aluminum and glass doors, apartment doors, and accessories to sue.


NOVODOOR is proud to carry the mission:

  • Provide customers with products and services of different quality, high economic efficiency, and environmental friendliness.
  • Contributing good values to contribute to the development of a more prosperous society.

Core values